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Jury of the 14th Cultural Brand Award 2019

Cultural Brand Award

The nominees of the 14th European Cultural Award

The shortlist of the European Cultural Brand Awards 2019 has been finalised. On 26 September 2019, a 42-member jury of experts from the fields of culture, business and the media having assembled on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Museum Island Berlin selected 22 nominees. 105 entries from Germany, France, Holland, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland had been submitted for the 14th European Cultural Brand Awards. The award ceremony for Europe's most prestigious cultural prize will take place as part of the "Night of Cultural Brands" cultural brands gala on 7 November 2019 on the UNESCO World Heritage site Zollverein in Essen in front of 650 invited guests from business, culture, politics and the media. The awards go to trendsetting cultural providers, sustainable investments in cultural projects, innovative educational programmes, urban culture and cultural tourism regions as well as the most committed cultural managers from Europe. The award ceremony will be opened by Michelle Müntefering, Minister of State for Cultural Affairs at the Federal Foreign Office.


European Cultural Brand of the year 2019


State Castles and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg
Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

For many years, the State Castles and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg have been developing, preserving and marketing 60 historical monuments in the southwest of Germany with growing success. In 2018, almost 4 million people visited the original sites of history featuring cultural treasures of the highest order. The country's cultural heritage is brought closer to the public both nationally and internationally through creative and sustainable educational formats such as "Theme Years", for example.


The jazzahead! in Bremen as a trade fair for jazz and the resulting festival are unique worldwide. Since its debut in 2006, it has morphed into the world's largest industry gathering and became a city-wide, interdisciplinary festival focussing on a partner country changing annually. Involved in the programme preparation are more than 60 cooperation partners. The jazzahead! Arrow, the symbol of the brand, is accompanied by a level of content that gives the event and the brand its credibility: trend-setting and striving ahead. The consistent presentation of the brand, the implementation of the values in terms of content and the implementation of the corporate design and corporate identity are important factors in this extraordinary success story.


100 years of bauhaus
100 jahre bauhaus

In 2019, Germany is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus with partners from all over the world. The anniversary year aims to illuminate the theme of the Bauhaus from new perspectives and to position it in a sustainable way both nationally and internationally. The development of the 100-year anniversary brand is based on the Bauhaus's claim to always being rooted in its own time.  The result is a brand identity that is visually intriguing, assertive in the media, contemporary and radical in its approach. The motto of the Bauhaus anniversary "Die Welt neu denken" ("Rethinking the World") also applies to the brand development and communication.

European Trend Brand of the year 2019


Festival Out Of The Box - withebox Kultur gGmbH
"Out of the Box" is a music festival that presents spectacular international productions and plays at venues all around the city. Two central social themes will guide the concept: sustainability in an urban environment plus digitisation. The fascination lies in carving out in both themes the immediate, the archaic and the emotional with the claim: Move out of the ordinary - get under the skin.


#strangethingschallenge - Historisches Museum der Pfalz
In museum depots there are not only highly valuable exhibits but also all kinds of strange stuff. In January 2019, the Historical Museum of Rhineland-Palatinate placed five curious objects from its own collection on Instagram and invited other museums to do the same: The response was overwhelming. Within the framework of #strangethingschallenge, more than 700 entries can now be found on Instagram. Meanwhile, museums and other cultural institutions from all over Europe have also taken part.

H.M. Queen Silvia


They "liberated" Beethoven. They "liberated” Schubert as well. Now it is Johannes Brahms' turn. The weekly journal DIE ZEIT wrote: "It would be absurd to deny these virtuosos musical and interpretative stylistic awareness. On the contrary: they are redefining it." In this way the STEGREIF.orchestra opens up completely new ways of approaching classical music for the audience spiced with jazz, world music and techno. The ensemble plays neither with notes nor with a conductor - the resulting freedom creates space for improvisation and movement. The concert hall, the auditorium, the stands, everything in the concert hall becomes a stage. The 30 professional musicians liberate, so to speak, the avant-garde spark inherent in Brahms' 133-year-old music.

European Cultural Manager of the year 2019

H.M. Queen Silvia


Dr. Gabriele Minz (Managing Director Young Euro Classic)
Gabriele Minz: The graduate economist and psychologist has been a cultural manager since the end of the 1990s. With "Young Euro Classic", she created a life's work: the international youth orchestra festival has been a great success for 20 years, with large numbers of visitors and always new up-and-coming orchestras. In keeping with her idea, 6500 music lovers sang Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as a commitment to Europe within this year's anniversary programme. Gabriele Minz is also involved in cultural exchange worldwide. She sees herself as a bridge builder who above all brings young people from different countries together to let them get to know each other better in a cultural way. She has already been successful with many sustainable projects and now she (once again) turns her attention to China, linking Richard Wagner's "Ring" with the Beijing Opera.


Benedikt Stampa (Director Festspielhaus Baden-Baden)
Benedikt Stampa is an outstanding figure of the German concert scene, who, among other things, as artistic director quickly elevated the Konzerthaus Dortmund to the top of the Europe league. He developed groundbreaking classical formats that introduce a new audience to classical music. For me, Stampa is a 'cultural manager par excellence' who perfectly combines artistic and business concerns, culture and commerce, art and marketing. His motto: popular, but not populist; exclusive: yes, elitist: no. With taking over Germany's largest opera and concert house in Baden-Baden, Benedikt Stampa undoubtedly and very deservedly climbed the Directors' Olympus.


Hedwig Fijen (Founding Director Manifesta)

Hedwig Fijen studied history and art history at the University of Amsterdam. She has been founding director of Manifesta, the European Biennale for Contemporary Art, since its founding in Rotterdam in 1993. Under her direction, Manifesta has grown into the fourth largest Biennale in the world. During this period she has considerably expanded Manifesta's activities through theoretical and pedagogical projects such as the Manifesta Journal, Manifesta Publications and Manifesta Coffee Breaks. Hedwig Fijen is in charge of all aspects of the Manifesta organisation, including the choice of venues, thematic content and curatorial selection. She is also responsible for the final implementation of the curators' concept. Before her time at Manifesta, Fijen worked as a curator in the Dutch Fine Arts Bureau and in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Cuba and many other countries.

European Cultural Investor of the year 2019

H.M. Queen Silvia


Atelier Türke Messedesign - „Revolte! – Creative Urban Art“
The Cultural Investment conveys the theme of art and its benefits, thus promoting creativity that has a lasting effect on both individuals and society. The Investor is the idea provider and creative designer of the exhibition. All staff members are involved in the project in their professional capacity, and the company is communicated externally in all media. The benefit for the company lies internally in the identification with the concept of creativity, externally in the image transfer and the increase of brand awareness.

H.M. Queen Silvia


Art Stations Foundation CH - MUZEUM SUSCH
MUZEUM SUSCH wants to contribute to the recognition of concepts, movements and ideas, to make them more visible and in particular - although not exclusively - to offer artists new interpretations and perspectives. The aim is to examine works that deal with conventions of representation and body politics, challenge traditional gender roles and art historical canons, namely: the disruption of perceived power structures. MUZEUM SUSCH is firmly convinced that museums today play an important role in research and teaching.

H.M. Queen Silvia


FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet
FEDORA offers start-up financing for new innovative opera and ballet projects, helping them to reach as broad an audience as possible. This is done through the FEDORA Prizes, which are awarded within the framework of an international competition. Together with its network of 85 cultural institutions as well as private and corporate sponsors in 21 countries, FEDORA offers these art forms a platform and a sustainable environment by lobbying for new financing models and the dissemination of fundraising know-how in the performing arts.

European Education Program of the year 2019

H.M. Queen Silvia


„# in the Bubble?“ - Cölner Barockorchester
"#in the Bubble?" is an interactive, participative and digital education project of the Cologne Baroque Orchestra of the 5th and 6th school grades. It was implemented in 2019 at two Cologne schools (Geschwister Scholl Realschule and Hansa Gymnasium). We demonstrate the difference between listening to digital music and experiencing it live, and at that we get to the bottom of the issue of the influence of digital media on today's children.

H.M. Queen Silvia


„Erbe, Tradition, Moderne - Europäischer Kultur- und Wissenstransfer durch Wandergesellen“ - Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.
The project in Hermannstadt / Sibiu in Rumania revives a centuries-old tradition of European craftsmanship and one of the oldest forms of cultural transfer. The focus of the exchange is not "high culture", but craft and craftsmanship - a culture that combines heritage, tradition and modernity and practices international understanding through travelling journeymen and -women. European knowledge and culture transfer is becoming a lasting instrument of cultural cooperation.

H.M. Queen Silvia


JeKits - for every child musical instruments, dancing, singing
JeKits - Jedem Kind Instrument, Tanzen, Singen

"JeKits - Jedem Kind Instrumente, Tanzen, Singen" gives children access to music and dance and enables them to gain their own artistic and aesthetic experiences. The focus is on practicing music or dancing jointly from the very beginning. JeKits is the largest cultural education programme in North Rhine-Westphalia with around 77,000 schoolchildren currently participating in over 1,000 primary and special schools. JeKits is reaching out to all children, regardless of their background and social conditions, thus providing further impetus for communal educational projects.

European Cultural Tourism Region of the year 2019

H.M. Queen Silvia


Kulturland Brandenburg - „Rediscover Brandenburg with us!“
Kulturland Brandenburg has adopted the motto "Rediscover Brandenburg with us!". After all, the state of Brandenburg has a lot of variety to offer, and Kulturland Brandenburg wants to bring this cultural and regional diversity closer to its inhabitants and guests. In cooperation with numerous partners, the cultural umbrella brand conceives and organises artistic and cultural projects in the region, especially at the interfaces to science, tourism and education, on an annually changing theme.

H.M. Queen Silvia


Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH - Saalfelden Leogang
Saalfelden Leogang is not merely known for its mountains and alpine meadows. The most contrasting region in the Alps is the perfect place for those interested in culture as well. In addition to the famous Saalfelden International Jazz Festival, there are several other music events of various styles, but also art events such as exhibitions and workshops, museums, theatre performances and, of course, many traditional cultural events.

H.M. Queen Silvia


Tourist Authority South Moravia
South Moravia with its capital Brno is one of the most attractive regions in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its ideal location in the heart of Europe, it attracts more and more visitors. This authentic area with vineyards and wine cellars is rich in natural treasures, monuments, beautiful castles and palaces, still very lively folklore traditions, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many cycle paths and sports facilities. No wonder that many famous artists and scientists preferred to live and work here.

Prize for Urban Culture 2019 (german-speaking only)

H.M. Queen Silvia

Krefelder Perspektivwechsel - City Krefeld, City Marketing
In its capacity as an "urban curator", the joint initiative "Krefelder Perspektivwechsel" (Krefeld Change of Perspective) takes a new look at city marketing and the city brand with the aim of networking and activating people and, together with them, assuming responsibility for urban development and cultural diversity. Within eight years, cultural formats will be used every other year to focus on a brand core, a specific aspect of urban identity and to shed light on this identity from every conceivable perspective, thus providing the impetus for identification and participation.

H.M. Queen Silvia


City Bad Oldesloe
In Bad Oldesloe, a north German town in the medium-centre category, cultural professionals, politicians and administration staff have been pursuing an extraordinarily intensive cultural development for over ten years, from which the cultural brand KuB has emerged.  It comprises the 3,000 square metre new building of the cultural centre. The well-staffed cultural sector of the town promotes actively the cultural scene, organises events and advances cultural development in a multi-perspective way.

H.M. Queen Silvia


Kulturraffinerie K714" - Monheimer Kulturwerke GmbH
Monheimer Kulturwerke GmbH is the still young 100% subsidiary of the town of Monheim on the river Rhine, which acts as an impetus for culture, tourism and folklore in town development. Coupled with the town's objectives, the Kulturwerke promote and combine local structures, involve citizens in the planning process and bridge the gap between day-to-day, social and advanced culture. With the conversion of the local historic barrel-filling hall into the "Kulturraffinerie K714" multi-functional building, the Monheimer Kulturwerke are creating a space for identification and a representation site for the town's model of the diverse municipal society.

European Prize for Media Culture 2019

H.M. Queen Silvia


Monopol - Magazin für Kunst und Leben
Since 2004, Monopol has been setting standards for the German and international art business: every month, the magazine captivates with its witty staging of current topics of the creative and lifestyle elite and inspires its readers with its generous appearance and award-winning visual language. As a seismograph that detects trends, discovers new artists, and sets buying impulses, Monopol is the leading medium for collectors of contemporary art and forms the interface for all those who love contemporary art, work with it, and also use it commercially. Monopol is published by Res Publica Verlags GmbH, which also publishes the magazine Cicero.

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