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Night of Cultural Brands

The imposing location for the Night of Cultural Brands on November 11, 2021 has been set

The spectacular location for the award ceremony of the coveted 16th European Cultural Brand Awards has been determined! On November 11, 2021, the winners will be chosen in eight competition categories as part of the cultural brand gala "Night of Cultural Brands".

Staatsoperette Dresden

The former Dresden-Mitte power station, an imposing industrial complex from the 19th century, has been transformed into a unique art, cultural and creative location in the heart of Dresden. Here is the Dresden State Operetta, which can look back on 240 years of tradition as a musical music theater in Dresden. Integrated into the former thermal power station area from 1920 since 2006, the operetta is now located in a unique theater district together with the young generation theater, the venue for this year's KulturInvest! Equipped with 700 seats, the State Operetta serves as a stage for modern music theater and high-quality entertainment theater.

The combination of the traditional with contemporary architecture makes a visit to the premises of the State Operetta a special experience and hopefully the award ceremony of the 16th European Cultural Brand Award will be unforgettable!


Impressions Staatsoperette Dresden



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