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The name “Causales” says it all: in philosophy the term “causa”  (Latin for reason, cause) is defined as a circumstance in objective reality that results in a different circumstance – the effect (cf. causality). The Causales – Gesellschaft für Kulturmarketing und Kultursponsoring mbH has been advising corporations in their strategic planning of sponsoring processes for the past 13 years. We find the most attractive cultural projects for their societal advocacy. Causales also consults culture projects in the brand development processes and matches them with compatible business sponsors. Our core services comprise: marketing and sponsoring advice, developing marketing and sponsoring concepts, matching of cultural organizations with businesses for sponsoring partnerships. Since its inception, Causales has provided consulting services to more than 125 culture providers and corporations. The company has brokered in excess of 270 sponsoring partnerships between culture, economy and the media in the German-speaking region, generating 7-digit total volumes. We manage the solicitation process through a unique high quality network boasting 44,000 European contacts.