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The Sponsoring Publications of Causales

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The positioning of cultural offers as cultural brands has great implications for the efficient design of sponsoring partnerships with business enterprises. Cultural providers in the German-speaking space have, in recent years, taken an important step forward with the anchoring of marketing criteria and adding a management orientation to their concepts. They have become indispensable partners with businesses that can present their brands appealingly.

The sponsoring publications, Jahrbuch Kulturmarken (german) and the Annual of European Cultural Brands (english) will give you, alongside more specialized information, an interesting overview of selected cultural providers from the five German-speaking countries as well as other European countries and their sponsoring offers. Practical examples from the enterprises introduced in the Yearbook will inspire you to find the right partner for your enterprise and to become, by engaging one of them, a player in the cultural marketplace.


Both are available in online and printed versions.

These Causales publications are accessible online free-of-charge or they can be ordered in printed form as long as supplies last from a bookstore or from the online portal!