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European Prize for Urban Culture 2021

In the 21st century, more than half the European population lives in cities. These innovative economic centres offer citizens and their guests a sense of belonging through the direct experience of art and culture. The development of a unique urban culture enhances quality of life and creates a culture of coming together and social participation. Where urban society identifies strongly with its city, where it stands together and can prove its strengths, the city will be more successful in its development. It will be able to more effectively preserve and expand on quality of life, and ensure the creation of a culture of social participation and interaction. This ultimately benefits the image of the city. Apply for the “Prize for Urban Culture”! The award recognizes exemplary incentives in cities: projects, initiatives or campaigns (preferably with potential for long-term impact), which perceive and promote urban culture as a culture of urban coexistence.

Evaluation criteria of the jury

  • _City cultural development plans and strategies
  • _Original and creative presentation of the issues that will shape the cities future
  • _Strengthening the sense of identity of citizens with their municipality
  • _Inclusion of as many urban milieus as possible
  • _Communicative effects in coherence with urban marketing strategies
  • _Participation and cross-sectional integration of other areas
  • _Concepts and projects with role model potential for other cities
  • _Sustainability: implementation of economic, ecological and social criteria (desirable)

Who can apply for this category?

In this category, cities, municipalities (regardless of the number of inhabitants) and projects can apply throughout Europe. Activities and projects with the following criteria are sought:

  • _Improving the culture of coexistence in the city
  • _Impact at the interface between administration, politics and civil society
  • _Promotion of urban development or urban neighbourhoods
  • _Involvement of as many partners from business, culture, civil society and science as possible
  • _Promotion of a continuous dialogue with many urban milieus and external partners


How can you apply?

1. Online Registration

Please register via our online forum by SEptember 6, 2021. The confirmation of your registration will be sent via email together with a bill for the application fee, which must be paid within 10 days of receipt.

2. Submission of your application

Please submit the following materials via Google Forms by September 6, 2021:

  • _brief summary of your application (500 characters)
  • _free presentation, max. 10 pdf pages or powerpoint slides
  • _at least three high-resolution images
  • _a printable logo
  • _tailer/image video (ca. 30 sec.), if available
  • _possibly examples of initiatives (flyers, billboards, merchandising etc.)


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