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European Trend Brand of the Year 2021

Trends mark changes that already shape us and will continue to do so for a long time to come. As deep currents of change, they bear witness to sustainable brand development in business. In the category "European Trend Brand of the Year" visions, particular courage and innovations in cultural marketing and cultural communication will be awarded. Apply with your utopias, changing ideas, exciting campaigns or your future-oriented cultural projects that stimulate the European cultural market with new impulses and thus change society in the long term!

Evaluation criteria of the jury

  • _Brand identity: content-related and trend-setting originality
  • _Brand positioning: unique selling proposition of the brand and brand communication
  • _Brand appearance: creative and trend-setting presentation of the brand
  • _Brand Management: innovation and strength by breaking the rule
  • _Sustainability: implementation of economic, ecological and social criteria (desirable)

Who can apply for this category?

Irrespective of local, regional, national or international orientation, all cultural providers of any size who have been in the market for at least three years should apply. That includes:

  • _Public and private cultural providers and projects in all cultural segments,
  • _Private-sector companies that have initiated cultural projects,
  • _Agencies and service providers who support cultural providers and projects.

How can you apply?

1. Online Registration

Please register via our online forum by September 6, 2021. The confirmation of your registration will be sent via email together with a bill for the application fee, which must be paid within 10 days of receipt.

2. Submission of your application

Please submit the following materials via Google Forms by September 6, 2021:

  • _brief summary of your application (500 characters)
  • _free presentation, max. 10 pdf pages or powerpoint slides
  • _at least three high-resolution images
  • _a printable logo
  • _tailer/image video (ca. 30 sec.), if available
  • _possibly examples of initiatives (flyers, billboards, merchandising etc.)


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