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Impression der TRESOR 17. Im Vordergrund Werke der Dänischen Galerie Køppe Contemporary Objects.

Impression TRESOR 17. In the front works of the Danish Galery Køppe Contemporary Objects.


TRESOR contemporary craft

TRESOR contemporary craft celebrates the renaissance of modern craft by showcasing 21st century masterpieces. The international format of the event offers renowned exhibitors and up-and-coming talent a unique platform inBaselto present visitors with extraordinary contemporary objects and installations.

TRESOR contemporary craft stands at the intersection between art, design and architecture, displaying one-of-a-kind pieces and small-batch productions made from ceramic, glass, wood, textiles, metal and new materials with an exciting mix of events. The focus is on originality, authenticity and quality, as well as the combination of innovative design techniques and traditional, highly specialised craft. This informational and networking fair forms the foundation and the dynamic heart of a vibrant platform for contemporary craft. Panel discussions, conversations and talks with artists, experts and professionals share not only expertise and values, but also offer a meeting point for a global community that continues to grow through mutual knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas.

TRESOR contemporary craft was successfully launched in September 2017 as a private initiative and received a great deal of international attention. Various supplementary events, such as satellite exhibitions, are strategically held throughout the year at various hotspots inSwitzerlandandEurope. The trade fair’s format is a response to the new and rapidly growing marketplace for contemporary objects. As a pioneer in the regions ofGermany,AustriaandSwitzerland, TRESOR has enjoyed a lot of creative freedom

and maximum reach thanks to its early market launch. Organised by a team of trade fair and art experts, TRESOR is a high-level player on the international art scene and has been viewed as the leading platform for the prospering craft market by its stakeholders since day one. Thanks to its technical expertise and extensive global network, TRESOR contemporary craft is considered a key interdisciplinary player on the global market, occupying a unique and central role thanks to its identity as an informational and networking platform.

TRESOR event mix

TRESOR contemporary craft represents a unique event format. TRESOR exhibitors include meticulously curated galleries, retailers, collectives and organisations representing first-class artists. The first edition of the event in September 2017 included 40 exhibitors featuring the works of more than 287 artists whose pieces are shown in exhibitions and museum collections across the world. The fair offers insights into private and museum collections, collaborative projects with renowned art and design schools, as well as various special formats and commissions that all concern contemporary objects, with highlights on specific topics.

_TRESOR Discovery is dedicated to the development and promotion of new talent. Networking, idea exchange and knowledge transfer are at the forefront, along with commitment to successfully establishing new talent on the market. The most popular Discovery talent is honoured with the TRESOR Discovery Award as part of the event.

_TRESOR Encounters is a curated informational programme offering a number of specialised conversations, panel discussions, workshops, case studies and film screenings. The programme invites trade and private visitors to share their ideas about current topics and innovations in the area of contemporary craft.

_‘Living Craft Tradition’ and ‘Live With It’ are special exhibitions. The former focuses on traditional craft techniques and contemporary creation, while the latter centres on objects, space and impact.

_On-site events, such as the Collectors’ and Professionals’ Day, the Vernissage or TRESOR Nocturne are popular community meeting points and offer a space for exchanging ideas and networking.

_The TRESOR Explore framework programme in and aroundBasel, open to the public, supplements the on-site events by offering insights into workshops, shops, studios and artists' organisations.

_Exclusive off-site events inSwitzerlandand various hotspots acrossEuropeprovide opportunities for members of this community to meet up year-round.



Legal form: Aktiengesellschaft (public limited company)
Opening year: 2017
Sphere of influence: Germany, Austria and Switzerland; international impact thanks to collectors and exhibitors from across the world
Visitors to first edition: 5,400
Dates: 2019: 18 – 23 September, 2020: 23 – 27 September, 2021: 22 – 26 September
Duration: 1 preview day (exclusive), 4 public days
Staff: Number of permanent employees: 10, number of freelancers/consultants: 6, during the event: approx. 50
Sources of financing: Contributions from foundations, own resources, sponsors
Sponsors: Helvetia Versicherungen, Girsberger, Keller Ziegeleien, Hotel Krafft Basel, Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel, Carhartt
Media partners: Art Aurea, New Glass, TLmag, BLAU, Monopol, Artinside, Wohnrevue, Madame, NZZ am Sonntag
Budget in CHF: approx. CHF 2.4 million
Exhibition area: 2,500 m2
  • Messebesucherinnen mit einer Lichtinstallation des Glaskünstlers Matteo Gonet an der TRESOR 17.
  • Ein Kooperationsprojekt von Kunsthochschulstudenten der École cantonale de Lausanne (ÉCAL) und des Künstlers Matteo Gonet an der TRESOR 17.
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