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Ulmer Münster in front of alpine panorama © Sebastian Bischof

Ulmer Münster in front of alpine panorama © Sebastian Bischof


Ulmer Foresight

The Ulmer foresight runs like a red thread through the history of the city. Citizens consistently reacted on internal and external changes and challenges. The engagement with the cities future required a high degree of foresight at any time.

Nowadays, we can enjoy this foresight on a bright day, from the top of the Ulmer Münster right up to the Alps. The fact that Ulm has the highest steeple in the world is an additional evidence for the foresight. The completion of the Ulmer Münster took 513 years and showed that it is very important to move with the times. This shaped the citizens of Ulm and impelled them at the same time. Ulm is a modern and international city where science and business are considered with the highest priority. The University of Ulm, which was founded only 50 years ago, is ranked at the very top within Germany and number 16 worldwide. As we all know, statistics are not the answer to everything but the entire little puzzle pieces comply one coherent overall picture. History meets future, tradition meets progress and together they shape the Ulmer foresight.

HIGHLIGHTS 2018 and futher

15th September 2017: 18th Kulturnacht (cultural night) in Ulm and Neu-Ulm

Two cities - one big stage! The local cultural scene conjures a creative and exciting programme and awaits you with a night full of cultural experiences, events and surprises. More than 100 venues e.g. theatres, museums, galleries, clubs and cultural centres, open their doors and around 500 artists provide a thrilling programme for all generations.  Regardless of whether you are looking for live acts, international culture or something fascinating for kids, the multifarious atmosphere invites you to inspire yourself, discover something new or experience the familiar in an entirely new way.

July 2021: Fishermen's Jousting

After 4 years break the traditional event will be back in Ulm. Since 1662 the 'Fischerstechen' takes place every four years and is presented by the Sailor’s Association. According to the legend, two Ulmer fishermen watched a knight tournament, which was hosted by monks of the monastery of Reichenau. Afterwards they both thought that they could replicate the act but they didn't have horses. Therefore they started to hit each other with their barges.

The 'Fischerstechen' is nothing less than a tournament on the water with 15 duelling pairs. The duellists play the roles of either historical or newly invented figures. The tournament lasts for approx. 90 minutes and takes place along Danube riverbank, in front of the scenery of the historic district of Ulm. Each barge consists of three drivers who try to lead the boats into each other. At the stern, the players hold a 2.80 metre long lance, better known as spear. When the barges hit each other, both players focus their spears against the shoulders of the enemy. The one who first falls into the water loses the battle.

On the morning of the 'Fischerstechen' a large parade takes place on the streets of the historic city. The parade consists of the competitors of the 'Fischerstechen', fishermen and girls wearing historical costumes, riders, bands, flag throwers and dance groups. The procession lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours and counts over 300 participants. It's a truly extraordinary experience.


Ulmer Münster (highest steeple in the world), 'Löwenmensch' - lion human (oldest human/animal figure worldwide. 35.000 years old), Weishaupt art gallery (one of the most significant private art collections in Baden-Württemberg),  Archive of the university of design

Most famous citizen

Albert Einstein (*1879 in Ulm)

Further famous Ulmer citizens

Otl Aicher, Amelie Fried, Hildegard Knef, Mike Krüger, Siegfried Unseld


Legal Form Public body
Citizens 120.400 (2015)
GDP 57.401 Euro (2013)
GDP per person 60.800 Euro (2013)
Overnight Stays (2016) 605.237
Arrivals (2016) 371.545 (98.662 from abroad)
Location Ulm at the Danube
  • Ulmer Münster © City of Ulm
  • Ulmer Oratorio © City of Ulm
  • Living in Ulm © City of Ulm
  • Lion Human (oldest human/animal figure worldwide. 35.000 years old) © City Archive Ulm
  • Solar Equation © Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
  • Serenade of Lights © City of Ulm
  • Fishermen's Jousting © City of Ulm
  • Danube Festival © City of Ulm
  • Me, Ulm © Doris Graf