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“Apple Blossom Egg” by Peter Carl Fabergé. Hallmark Michail Jevlampijevitch Perchin. St. Petersburg, 1901. Gold, diamonds, Siberian nephrite. © Liechtenstein National Museum, Photo Sven Beham

Apple Blossom Egg by Peter Carl Faberge. Hallmark Michail Jevlampijevitch Perchin.St. Petersburg, 1901. Gold,
diamonds, Siberian nephrite. (c) Liechtenstein National Museum, Photo Sven Beham


Liechtenstein National Museum

Liechtenstein National Museum
The main museum building in Vaduz showcases the archaeology, history, art, culture as well as the natural history of Liechtenstein, drawing upon over 3,000 exhibits in some 40 galleries. The Postmuseum in Vaduz is dedicated to Liechtenstein’s famous postage stamps. The Treasure chamber in Vaduz presents the Principality’s treasure chamber, while the Farm Peasant’s House in Schellenberg is devoted to agrarian life around the year 1900. Many fascinating special exhibitions on a variety of topics are testimony to the sheer breadth of the subject matter of this interdisciplinary museum.

Main museum building
In two historical buildings dating back to the middle ages, and in a modern annex that has been driven deep into the mountainside, a wide variety of rare to unique exhibits are presented in over 40 galleries with a total surface area of some 2,000 sqm. Visitors are enchanted and surprised by over 3,000 disparate exhibits. These relate a great deal about the eventful history, the interesting culture and the unusually varied natural environment of the Principality of Liechtenstein. In addition to unique, especially valuable and very special exhibits, space is also devoted to simple and day-to-day matters. This provides deep insights into the compact sovereign state at the heart of the Alps. In addition, fascinating exhibitions of international importance on the widest possible variety of topics are also presented in a state-of-the-art special exhibition section.

The Postmuseum houses the complete collection of all Liechtenstein postage stamps issued since the year 1912. These are worldfamous, due to their outstanding aesthetics and the advanced methods and technologies deployed. Many exhibits are presented together with the original designs produced by exceptional artists and designers, providing fascinating insights into the creation of the postage stamps. In addition, documents and equipment from Liechtenstein’s postal history are also presented. Superb little special exhibitions focus on the world of
postage stamps, letters and communications.

Treasure chamber of the Prinicipality of Liechtenstein
The Treasure chamber of the Prinicipality of Liechtensteinis scheduled to open in April 2015, and will exhibit the jewels and valuables of the Principality of Liechtenstein and the world of the Princely House, the Apple Blossom Egg from Fabergé and original moonstone collected by the Apollo 11 and 17 missions.

Sponsors and supporters of the past two years

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IvoclarVivadent AG
Bank Frick
Centrum Bank Foundation
Interlingua Anstalt
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Neutrik AG
and approx. 50 further sponsors and supporters

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Freunde des Liechtensteinischen Landesmuseums e.V.


place of location Vaduz: main museum building of the LLM with three venues, two of which are historic buildings
place of location Vaduz: Postmuseum
place of location Vaduz: Treasure chamber of the Prinicipality of Liechtenstein (opening planned for April 2015) Schellenberg: Farm Peasant’s House
legal form: Foundation under public law
year of foundation: 1954
number of employees: full-time: 24, volunteers: 8
catchment area: worldwide
events per year: 100
visitors per year: approx. 50,000
  • View showing the exhibition “Gladiators and the Colosseum. Heroes and Architecture in the service of the powerful.” © Liechtenstein National Museum, Photo Sven Beham