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Opening Event 2015. Copyright: Candy Welz.


Kunstfest Weimar

18.08. - 03.09.2017

The new Weimar Arts festival is an arts festival to heart, as the perfect opportunity to bring together audiences and artists, the citizens of Weimar and visitors to our city, younger and older spectators, and encourage them to enter into a dialogue with one another. Finally, the city of Weimar itself is theme, venue and main actor of this Arts Festival. Weimar not only stands for cultural heritage, Weimar is also up-to-the minute. The festival is presenting contemporary artistic positions which in their various ways take up the numerous themes worthy of Weimar’s name. The programme includes contemporary dance as well as theatre plays, exhibitions as well as concerts, all inviting you to look, listen and perhaps even join in and dance.

You can find the complete programme at as of 25th of april.