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UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

11th CultureInvest Congress

Opening party on November 6 at the Erich Brost-Pavillon with exclusive guided tours through the Ruhr Museum at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein

“The future needs origin. The collieries and steelworks are the tradition of the Ruhr metropolis and the Zollverein colliery is the powerhouse of tomorrow’s cultural and creative industries.” Axel Biermann, Managing Director Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

Europe’s largest cultural congress will open on 6 November 2019 at 7pm with a grand opening party in the Erich Brost-Pavillon towering over the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein. You can look forward to an exciting view of the brightly-lit Ruhr area with an unforgettable panorama: High above the nocturnal Ruhr area, with a glass of champagne or seltzer in your hand, you can enjoy a view that ranges from the impressively illuminated architecture of the industrial heritage to the great landmarks and milestones of industrial culture in the Ruhr area. You can also expect an extravagant cultural programme with the Grubenhelden, a DJ session by BTHVN2020, culinary delights from our catering partner and guided tours of the Ruhr Museum. Take advantage of the networking opportunities there with renowned speakers, generous partners and the very sociable participants in the CultureInvest! Congress 2019!

Cultural Program

Performance of the legendary Grubenhelden

The heroes - they are the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, neighbours - all the miners and “malochers” who, with their calloused hands, worked to make this region what it is today. Whether in a T-shirt, hoodie or cap: the stuff of which stories are made is told vividly through a performance by the legendary fashion label “Grubenhelden”. This is a very special Ruhr area history, indeed!





DJ-Session by BTHVN2020

You can look forward to “Beethoven” remixes by electronic artists followed by Beethoven DJ presentation that will open a “World Beat Party”. This innovative party format was officially recognized by the German UNESCO Commission as a contribution to the “Cultural Diversity” agreement.



Tours to open studio

Zollverein - the highly acclaimed power plant of culture and the creative industries - is a great location on an area of more than 100 hectares that houses countless creative quarters with renowned artists, galleries and studios, among them the Kunsthalle Burkamp. We bring you together in animated conversation!





Zollverein guided tours

Immerse yourself in the authentically preserved above-ground facilities of Zollverein Shaft XII. Learn more about the operating procedures of the once largest and most powerful coal mine in the world and discover exciting details about the working and living conditions of the Zollverein miners.

Find more information on the programm here.

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