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UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

CultureInvest! Congress

11th CultureInvest! Congress at UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen impressively represents the successful transformation of the Ruhrregion. The once largest and most powerful colliery and coking plant in the world has become a lively location for art, culture, industrial history and design and a sought-after event venue. More than 40 rooms and buildings are available on the 100-hectare site, ranging from a small studio to a large trade fair and exhibition hall. The seven event halls of the Zollverein Foundation are characterised by multifunctional rooms, modern technology and their authentic atmosphere.

This year, the 11th CultureInvest! Congress will take the place in six event locations with a total of 12 theme forums, an eve reception (including a nocturnal guided tour of the site) and the 14th Cultural Brand Gala - Night of Cultural Brands - on 7 November with the festive award ceremony of the European Cultural Brand Awards.

6 event locations

Toni Servillo


Erich Brost-Pavillon

_Opening party

Reception with an exraordinary view and exclusive guided tours through the Ruhr Museum.

CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP and PLACES OF CULTURE                               

Toni Servillo


Hall 12

_Opening of the 11th CultureInvest! Congress
_Prize-giving ceremony "Night of Cultural Brands"

The prize-giving ceremony is an important industry convention for culture managers, marketers and tourism industry staff inEurope and an emotional highlight of the CultureInvest Congress.

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Hall 5

_Conference center
_Meet & Match / Catering

Besides delicacies and delicious beverages, we provide interesting exhibitors and topic booths at the conference center of the 11th CultureInvest! Congress

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Hall 6

CULTURAL TOURISM and CULTURAL EDUCATION                                            

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Rundeindicker at the portal of industrial culture 

CREATE EUROPE! and CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION                                                

Due to its unique shape, the Rundeindicker calls on the congress participants to join the discussions and debates      

Toni Servillo


Hall 2

_Topics at the Schalterhalle and Umformerhalle
CULTURAL COLLABORATIONS, RIVIVING INDUSTRIAL SITES, TICKETING INNOVATIONS and URBAN CULTURE                                                                                    

Subject to alterations.

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