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CultureInvest Congress 2017, Dr. Thomas Girst and Digitalus © Danny Kurz

CultureInvest Congress 2017, Dr. Thomas Girst and Digitalus © Danny Kurz

10th CultureInvest Congress

"100 impulses in the field of tension between aesthetics and efficiency"

The 10th CultureInvest! Congress will take place in the Radialsystem venue in Berlinon November 12 and 13, 2018, under the anniversary motto "100 impulses in the field of tension between aesthetics and efficiency”. For the last 10 years, the CultureInvest! Congress has been in the vanguard of innovative forward thinking, lively debate, and presenting successful solutions for material and immaterial investments in culture. In 10 themed forums, over 100 renowned speakers from the worlds of business, culture and the media will once again be presenting the latest trends and developments in the culture market. Participants at the leading forum for cultural providers and cultural sponsors can expect exciting keynote speeches from cultural experts, lively discussion rounds, and some practical examples of success in the following concurrently-conducted forums: Transformation, Capital city of Culture, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Education, Industrial Culture, Cultural Sponsoring, Cultural Brands, Urban Culture and Digitalisation, and in the emotional closing forum, Conducting & Leading. The central theme in all the forums at the 10th CultureInvest! Congress is positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency.

"More aesthetics!" Society is increasingly shaped by transformation and diversity, thus increasing the demand for holistic, integrative and aesthetic awareness among cultural providers, venues, regions and companies. Aesthetics entail much more than just the study of beauty; they encompass everything that is perceived and awakes the senses. Aesthetics are the basis for creative and artistic processes, creating identity and recognition.

"Efficiency" is often used as an evaluation criterion: Costs and benefits must be in proportion, and processes must be controllable and predictable, in order to ensure economic viability and a satisfactory result. But is efficiency alone the guarantor of economic success? Aesthetic debate that is followed by creative interventions can hone processes and result in optimisation in both the aesthetic and economic fields. A synthesis of aesthetics and efficiency increases the sustainable impact of cultural investments, thus creating the prerequisites for social transformation processes.

In view of the current transformation processes and immensely high diversity, there is a growing need for orientation, which can be made sustainable through the implementation of culture in all areas of society. The promotion of cultural and aesthetic education creates a necessary cosmopolitan attitude that generates a high level of creativity and engenders innovative ideas that can also be used by companies. An aesthetic approach allows cultural brands to become more successful economically, and multi-sensory staging can evoke real emotions in an audience with a long-lasting effect. There is also a growing recognition within the business world that an aesthetic approach makes brands more credible and lively, and that culture can create a high level of identification with a brand. This approach requires both culture providers and commercial enterprises to find a "perfect fit" within cultural sponsoring partnerships. Digital solutions create novel, creative processes that are realised in an innovative manner and allow new platforms to appear in which target groups can be appropriately addressed. The Capital city of Culture, Cultural Tourism and Urban Culture forums focus on how to create a "city of the future" and strengthen the identity of entire regions through public participation in order to stimulate the local economy. The themes of the Industrial Culture and Cultural Buildings forums are how former industrial sites can become powerhouses of the creative industries, and how they can be developed and marketed.

What effects does the field of tension between aesthetics and efficiency have on the interaction between culture, commerce, the public sector and the media? The CultureInvest! Congress promises insights, recommendations for action and solutions.
To celebrate the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Causales and the 10th anniversary of the CultureInvest! Congress, we invite all Congress participants to attend a get-together at the awards ceremony of the 13th European Cultural Brand Awards in Radialsystem on 12 November and the emotional Conducting & Leading closing forum with Professor Gernot Schulz and the Neuen Philharmonie orchestra on 13 November. Join a unique network of 500 participants and book your ticket to the leading forum for culture providers and sponsors!