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11. November 2021, 10am - 1 pm, State Opera

Transnational  what is meant by this mindset, which distances itself from cosmopolitanism but nevertheless promotes global networking and allows national borders as well as borders between online and offline to recede into the background? Is transnationalism, which still remembers its origins, the desirable ideal and solution to reconcile the global and the local? The first main forum explores the concept and discusses its meaning for identity, society and culture. The panelists will discuss currents of transnationalism, cosmopolitanism and nationalism and reflect on the current political and cultural-political situation.

1. Discussion 10 - 10:45 am

Transnationalism  a utopian ideal?

The meaning and feasibility of the ideal of transnationalism is the topic of the first discussion. With discussants from academia, European and local politics, and international cooperation, the phenomenon that inexorably permeates society as a sub-process of globalization will be explored.


2. Discussion 11 - 11:45 am

East or West? North or South?  A Cosmopolitan Perspective.

In cultural studies, the concept of transculturalism is controversial. It assumes that cultures are not separable collectives, but intermingle and interpenetrate. Is transculturalism thus an inevitable consequence of a transnational culture? What does this concept mean for the mission of cultural institutions? How should challenges such as 'cultural appropriation' be addressed? The second discussion of the main Transnational Forum will address these questions.


3. Discussion 12 - 12:45 am

De-colonization and de-nationalization of the art and culture market

Who owns artifacts stolen by British around 1897? Where should art be exhibited? A discussion on the one hand about art in its function of cultural heritage and thus identity-forming element of societies and cultures, as well as the moral mandate of politics and cultural policy. On the other hand, the speakers will discuss concepts of opportunities and risks of de-colonization and de-nationalization in art and culture.

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