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12 November 2021, 10 am - 1 pm, Staatsoperette

In the great debates about cosmopolitanism, globalization, and internationalism, the local often recedes into the background. With concepts like glocalization and transnationalism, the focus is rethought and a balance is promoted between the insights and boundary experiences of the global and the reflection on the local  according to the motto: "Think global. act local." The discussants of the third main forum break down the concept on the basis of concrete examples and look in detail at the local. Where exactly can we start? How can the supposed opposites of globalization and localization be reconciled?

1. Discussion 10- 10:45 am

Citizen Participation in a Diverse Urban and Rural Society

Diversity and participation are the big issues of our time. Not only since the large waves of refugees in 2015 has citizen participation become increasingly relevant for a strong urban society. How much citizen participation is possible so far? How much direct citizen participation is purposeful? Do participation opportunities include all members of urban society? Where does the culture need to become more open and inclusive and which initiatives are already successful?

© Frische Fotos


Tobias Rausch
Staatsschauspiel Dresden | Director of Bürger:Bühne | Director and Dramaturg



Dr. Hagen W. Lippe-Weißenfeld
Chamber Music Festival Upper Lusatia | Artistic Director


Dr. Birgit Schneider-Bönninger
Councillor for Culture, Tourism, Major Events and Municipal Facilities of the City of Brussels




2. Discussion 11 - 11:45 am

Global Companies and Local Cultural Promotion

In post-pandemic times, cultural funding has become existential. The possibilities for funding go beyond institutional support  international companies have also taken it upon themselves to support local culture. The benefits and motivations for local cultural funding will be discussed in this discussion by representatives of global corporations and local cultural organizations. Which criteria are important for companies?





Prof. Dr. Stephan Frucht
Siemens AG
Siemens Arts Program | Artistic Director




Dorine Wolf
Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft
Cultural promotion and cultural policy





3. Discussion 12 - 12:45 pm

X-Culture in Dresden?

The last discussion of the main forum takes a look at the host city Dresden. In its application for the European Capital of Culture 2025 "New Home Dresden", the city developed a concept for the New Home X-Culture, which is to establish itself in Dresden in the coming years. The focus is on strengthening the European dimension of urban identity and thus European urban societies, as well as a dissolution of the boundaries between the roles of producers and recipients, a fusion between off- and online reality, and a shift in the relationship between metropolises and nations. What can projects that are committed to X-culture look like?


Prof. Dr. Roswitha Böhm
Dresden University of Technology, Prorector University Culture



Michael Schindhelm
Schindhelm, filmmaker, cultural consultant, author
© Graz Diez


Markus Rindt
Dresden Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director


Carena Schlewitt
European Center for the Arts Dresden Hellerau, alliance of international production houses, Artistic Director

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