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11. November 2021, 2 - 5 pm, Kunsthalle

Is culture in rural areas strong enough for the big stage? The joint application of the city of Zittau with the three-country region of Upper Lusatia for European Capital of Culture 2025 made an attempt to visualise the cultural, transnational power of rural European areas. Unfortunately, the application itself was not successful, the initiative itself is all the more so. Now Zittau's Czech sister city Liberec is applying for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028, Herrnhut is on the promising path to the UNESCO World Heritage title, and the entire region is setting out to transform itself from an insider's tourist tip to a must-see destination.

2 - 2:45 pm



European Capital of Culture on the edge of the world?

with Thomas Zenker, Lord Mayor of the City of Zittau and Mgr. Markéta Sabáčková, Head of the Capital of Culutre Application Liberec2028

When the town of Zittau decided to run for European Capital of Culture 2025, reactions ranged from amazed disbelief via enthusiasm to indignant head shaking. When the journey was over in 2019 only very few were still laughing or pitying the effort. Together with the partners in our three country region people achieved something incredible. A successful referendum gave a strong tailwind for Zittau, a powerful network across borders was spun and brought new impulses for the development of a whole cultural landscape.


The idea of Liberec candidacy to European Capital of Culture 2028 was born in our heads couple of years ago but has got concrete shapes just recently. We don’t need to go far away for an inspiration, Zittau2025, Dresden2025 and the winner Chemnitz are not just close to us geographically. Zittau case showed and proved that even the journey has the sense for all of us. And Liberec, as the biggest center in the middle of the triangle Dresden – Prague – Wroclaw will continue to become cultural leader in our region.

2:45 - 3 pm



Coffebreak & Networking


3- 3:30 pm




Crystal Valley - The world is discovering the birthplace of Bohemian Crystal

David Pastva
ARR -Agentura regionálního, spol. S r.o., Crystal Valley / Head

In Northern Bohemia there is a bigger concentration of glass, chandeliers and fashion jewellery companies than anywhere else in the world.
The history of Crystal Valley goes back more than six hundred years and was shaped by the hopes and plans of glassmaker families, tempted by the local wealth - hard wood, water and sand.
But 'Crystal Valley' is also writing a completely new story. It offers dozens of unusual experiences, exhibitions, interactive encounters and countless opportunities to try something new, fragile and beautiful on your own body.
In the picturesque region between Kamenický Šenov and Harrachov dozens of manufacturers, glassworks, jewellery studios and museums have opened for visitors. Welcome to Crystal Valley!

Via Sacra - A tourist network in the border triangle D-CZ-PL.

Dr. Peter Knüvener
Director of the Städtische Museen Zittau

Which places are connected here and what makes them attractive? The triangle includes new and very old borders, here cultural areas merge. They have left their mark on the unique sacred monuments. There are still existing monasteries, places of important history and testimonies of famous artists and architects. The Via Sacra as a real network only became possible through the political opening of the borders in 1989 and is an example of lived cross-border culture.

3:30 - 3:45 pm



Coffeebreak & Networking

3:45 - 4:15 pm




TOPOMOMO – test lab of modernism
A cooperation project of the Foundation Haus Schminke and the TU Liberec

with Julia Bojaryn
Foundation Haus Schminke, Project Manager
Willem Rieke
Mayor of the city of Herrnhut

TOPOMOMO explores the architecture of the 1920s and 30s in the former “boom region” along the Saxon-Czech border. The "test lab of modernism" between Dessau, Berlin, Wroclaw and Prague is still underestimated in its architectural abundance. TOPOMOMO brings owners, users, visionaries and committed people between the city of Weißwasser and Karlovy Vary together. With the network and new strategic impulses, the project aims at mutual support, an improved outside image and the long-term upgrading and appreciation of the buildings.

4:15 - 4:30 pm



Coffeebreak & Networking

4:30 - 5 pm



Discussion with all Speakers

from 7 pm



"Night of Cultural Brands" in the State Operetta


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