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CultureInvest Congress

Our voluntary commitment as organizers of innovative and sustainable cultural events

As organizer of the KulturInvest! congress under the motto "The innovative cultural industry. Climate Neutral. Democratic. Participative", we not only want to provide sustainable impulses for the European cultural market, but also pursue the long-term goal as organizer and agency to act in a climate-friendly, sustainable and resource-saving manner. In this way, we want to fulfill our social responsibility within our corporate management and are highly motivated to make an active contribution to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

This internal process is designed for the long term. We ask your indulgence if there is still room for improvement in some areas. We too are a learning organization with regard to climate change and welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement from our allies, partners, participants and customers.

In the following we have listed some areas that should illustrate the dimensions of our climate-friendly and sustainable cultural event:


  • _With the strongly discounted event ticket of Deutsche Bahn, our guests can also travel to Potsdam CO₂-free in 2020. The electricity requirement for these trips will be covered completely by renewable energies. Further information can be found here.
  • _We recommend that all participants take advantage of a carbon offset for air travel if the journey by train takes more than five hours. Further information can be found here.
  • _On site in Potsdam we recommend using public transport. All event locations and partner hotels can be easily reached with Potsdam's public transportation system. Further information can be found here.


Information will follow.


Information will follow.


  • _Our caterer à la maison uses mainly products of regional and ecologically acceptable origin.
  • _Our congress and gala menu offers about 70% vegetarian/vegan dishes and 30% meat/fish dishes.
  • _With our beverage partners we focus on regional products of the best quality.

Communication and material

  • _We prefer the digital communication channel to communicate in a more resource-saving way.
  • _If printed materials cannot be avoided, we work closely with our premium partner "Arnold Group", one of the most modern printing plants in Berlin and Brandenburg, with a highly ecological footprint and state-of-the-art technical equipment.
  • _All mailings are sent via the climate-friendly "GoGreen" service of Deutsche Post.
  • _Give-aways and partner materials at the KulturInvest! congress and the Night of the Cultural Brand are reduced to a necessary minimum.
  • _In the office we print exclusively on recycled paper.
  • _In the office, we avoid and separate waste at least into the categories paper, glass and plastic.

Social aspects

  • _The Schiffbauergasse provides barrier-free access for wheelchair users to events.
  • _We formulate in gender-equitable language, both written and spoken.


In order to balance the ecological footprint of our events, we are planning a detailed calculation of the CO₂ emissions of the KulturInvest! congress afterwards. We want to invest the compensation in the greening of the Schiffbauergasse.

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