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Ruhr Tourism - greeting in the Erich-Brost-Pavillion

Axel Biermann, Managing Director of the Ruhr-Tourism GmbH opened the event for the approximately 200 invited guests with a look at the structural changes that have taken place in the Ruhr District.

Causales Business Club

The “ExtraSchicht" Tour of the Causales Business Club

 On 28 June, guests of the Causales Business Club were invited to the “ExtraSchicht — a Long Night of Industrial Culture in the Ruhr District”. Ruhr Tourism GmbH used 50 venues in 20 cities and more than 500 events to offer participants an exclusive “Highlights Tour”. More than 2,000 performers converted the “industrial culture landscape” of the Ruhr District into a stage for inspiring performances and spectacular productions.

While the 200,000 visitors dove into the magic of the industrial culture, Causales Business Club and Ruhr Tourism GmbH invited them to a reception at the UNESCO-World Heritage Zollverein in the Erich Brost Pavilion.

Axel Biermann, Managing Director of Ruhr Tourism GmbH opened the exhibition for the approximately 200 invited guests with an insight into the structural changes of the Ruhr District.

Afterwards, guests experienced a first-class production. Well-known cultural real estate like the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein, the Duisburg nature park, the Eisenheim settlement in Oberhausen and Berne Park in Bottrop appeared in a wonderful light.

In the VIP shuttle (if not sooner), guests got to talk with one-another between highlights.
Accompanying them, among others, were: Prof. Oliver Scheytt, President of the Cultural-Political Society, Konrad Pochhammer from RSM Verhülsdonk, Josef Nelles, Vice-President for Brand Management E.ON SE, Bernd Bickhove, of SPIE Germany and Norbert Lammert, President of the German Federal Parliament.

The Nature Park of Duisburg offered the VIP guests a one-of-a-kind experience on an exclusive plot of land surrounded by another 30,000 additional visitors: a poetic, brightly colored high altitude fireworks display in front of a spectacular industrial skyline.

A midnight tour through the conveyor plants under the former tower of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Customs Union rounded out this successful event for the participants in this Causales Business Club meeting. The Causales Business Club is inviting everyone to the Heylspark in Worms to the Nibelungen Festival on 31 July.

  • firework at the Zollverein
  • Experten des Causales - Business Club  im Vip-Shuttle
  • Feuerwerk über dem Lanschaftspark Duisburg
  • Mitternachtsführung durch die Förderanlage