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Nibelungen Festival of Worms - Aerial photo at night

Nibelungen Festival of Worms - Aerial photo at night

© Rudolf Uhrig

Causales Business Club

The Causales Business Club in Worms at the Nibelungen Festival

Love, hatred and murder – the legend of the rise and fall of the Nibelungen has fascinated millions of people for centuries. In Worms, Kriemhild and Brünhilde are supposed to have fought on the steps of the Cathedral. Here Brünhilde is said to have hung Gunther out the window on their wedding night and here Hagen is said to have planned the murder of Siegfried, the dragon-slayer. And here, at the original scene of the biggest legendary plot in Middle Ages poetry, history will be written 800 years later. The Causales Business Club was there as a guest on 31 July . . .

More than 230,000 people have visited the Nibelungen Festival since its premiere in 2002.
And the Causales Business Club was also invited there this year in order to experience the spectacular production of Hebbel’s Nibelungen, “Born This Way”. Dieter Wedel is producing the Fall of the Nibelungen with all of its gruesome, absurd twists and turns, with the hopes and hates of driven characters in large images and Hebbel’s powerful speech in front of the facade of the cathedral.

Guests were already welcomed at 5:00 pm to a backstage tour around Worms Imperial Cathedral to experience a unique glimpse backstage of this expensive open-air production.

Toward 7:00 pm, two hours before the start of the show, Michael Kissel, mayor of the city of Worms and Chairman of the Shareholder’s Committee of the Nibelungen Festival and Sascha Kaiser, Managing Director of the Nibelungen Festival welcomed everyone to a get-together in the atmospheric Heylshof-Lounge on the Festival grounds in the Heylspark in Worms.

Then at 9:00 pm, guests experienced the spectacular production under the direction of Director Dieter Wedel under beautiful skies. The Festival, with Hebbel’s “Nibelungen - Born This Way” achieved the best attendance since the first premiere in 2002—utilization  of 99.6% of capacity. It was also supported by numerous prominent sponsors.

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  • Niebelungenfestspiele Worms Backstage-Führung über die Bühne
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