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Welcoming addresses for the CultureInvest! Congress Europe's leading Culture Congress


Welcoming Addres of the Producer, Hans-Conrad Walter


Since 2009, the CultureInvest! Congress has successfully brought together prominent figures from culture, business, media and politics from all over Europe and has generated international resonance in the European cultural market with the presentation of the European Cultural Brand Awards, the most advanced cultural prize in Europe. The CultureInvest! Congress presents artistic excellence projects, discusses innovative, particularly sustainable European topics of cultural management, marketing and investment and creates important impulses in Europe through the internationally renowned two-day interchange of culture, business, media and public authorities.  European decision-makers meet for two days every year; they take advantage of a constantly growing network; they exchange their views and develop visions for the European cultural market.

Thanks to the invitation and sponsorship of the city of Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg, we are able to stage the two-day 2020 CultureInvest! Congress this year at the acclaimed international art and culture quarter "Schiffbauergasse" under the motto "For a Culture-friendly Climate and a Climate-friendly Culture". The “meteorology city” of Potsdam, with its popular international art and culture quarter Schiffbauergasse serving as the congress campus, the Nikolaisaal as the venue for the presentation of the European Cultural Brand Awards and the Barberini Museum for the opening party are the ideal cooperation partners for Europe's flagship cultural congress.

Under the heading "The Innovative Cultural Industry. Climate Neutral. Democratic. Participatory.", 100 cultural experts and 650 conference participants will develop visions for a sustainable cultural market that actively offers opportunities for involvement and promotes processes of democratisation both in cultural institutions and in society. This includes future-oriented issues such as green cultural management, green marketing, climate-neutral cultural property, democratisation in the cultural sector, sustainable cultural promotion and digitisation as a driving force for participation. After we hopefully have overcome the societal crisis, the CultureInvest! Congress, together with the international cultural experts and participants, will also identify solutions to get the cultural market fully back on track.

For the first time we offer you a vibrant grand main forum in the Hans Otto Theater; we invite you to 15 concurrent specialist forums and three ‘hands-on’ workshops in six further locations in Schiffbauergasse. You can expect an attractive supporting programme with a great opening party on 25 November in the Barberini Museum as well as the presentation of the 15th European Cultural Brand Awards at the "Night of Cultural Brands" on 26 November in the Nikolaisaal Potsdam. Furthermore, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing local, regional and international cultural managers into dialogue with one another and to promote with creative ideas the further development of Schiffbauergasse as an international cultural hot spot and also to advance structural change in the Region of Lusatia.

During 25-27 November 2020, the colourful art and culture site "Schiffbauergasse" will become the largest think tank of the European cultural market and the ‘Meteorology City’ of Potsdam will be the driving force behind a transformation to a green culture in a ‘Europe of Regions’. Be part of this unique transfer of knowledge  and come to the ‘Meteorology City’ of Potsdam! Already now I would like to thank my great team, all the speakers, partners, service providers, but especially the city of Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg for their generous support!


Hans-Conrad Walter
Managing Partner Causales - Gesellschaft für Kulturmarketing und Kultursponsoring mbH

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