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12th CultureInvest! Congress

CultureInvest! Congress 2020 goes digital!

+++ 12 hours livestream with three main forums in an innovative talk show format from the Nikolaisaal Potsdam

+++ Lecture volume of 60 hours in a total of 15 parallel, digital expert forums

+++ Direct networking opportunities with speakers, partners and sponsors

+++ Special: Live-Stream of the award ceremony of the European Cultural Brand Award

Due to the current pandemic developments, the Causales Gesellschaft für Kulturmarketing und Kultursponsoring as organizer of the CultureInvest! Congress, in consultation with the main sponsors, the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg and the State Capital Potsdam, curated an innovative, digital event concept for the cultural summit of the year within a very short time as an alternative to the planned analogue congress. Under the motto "The innovative cultural enterprise. Climate Neutral. Democratic. Participatory." the CultureInvest! Congress on November 26 and 27, 2020, will also offer a sustainable digital knowledge transfer and unique networking opportunities. The congress will be opened by the patroness Dr. Manja Schüle, Minister of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg, and a keynote speech by Dr. Robert Habeck, Federal Chairman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.

The year 2020 presents countless cultural providers, creative people and organizers with special challenges. The CultureInvest! Congress was supposed to be the analogue cultural summit of the year under the motto "The innovative cultural enterprise. Climate Neutral. Democratic. Participative" at the international art and culture area Schiffbauergasse in Potsdam with 750 decision-makers from culture, business, media and politics and to show the latest trends and developments on the European cultural market. However, the current regulations of the state of Brandenburg make it impossible to implement the congress in the previously planned, analogue dimensions.

Nevertheless, in order to enable the highly relevant exchange and transfer of knowledge on the topics of sustainability, democratization and participation within the European cultural market, the Causales Gesellschaft für Kulturmarketing und Kultursponsoring, as the organizer of the CultureInvest! Congress, has decided in consultation with the main sponsors to transform the content as well as the networking opportunities into the digital world and to adapt them to the pandemic situation in the cultural market.

An innovative tool for digital congresses makes both the analogue discussions of the main forums and the entire presentations of the expert forums digitally accessible and at the same time enables an intensive virtual exchange of content. In addition, personal networking can be experienced digitally via (video) chat.

The main forum with its lively debates as well as the emotional highlight of the congress, the presentation of the European Cultural Brand Award, will be streamed live and without an audience from the Nikolaisaal in Potsdam free of charge. The stream will be offered on the innovative digital platform together with the live lectures of the expert forums from the offices of the speakers.



A real Event

With our new virtual congress platform, you can experience the 12th CultureInvest! Congress from a distance as if you were there yourself! A personal check-in, networking, interactive seminars, exhibitor area and 1-on-1-meetings enable a real event experience.
Stay in the digital "lobby" during the breaks and exchange ideas with other participants and speakers!






Personal Check-In

A personal reception at check-in, breaks during the event and a personal welcome before you enter a session. Every detail of an analogue event experience will be considered!



Inspiring content

Take an active part in the live presentations of our expert forum speakers* and get involved yourself via live (video) chat!
Parallel to the lectures in the digital rooms, the main forum will be transmitted live from the Nikolaisaal to the "lobby" of the virtual congress platform.





Meet each other

Meet with other participants in the lobby, during sessions and in one-on-one meetings. Get to know our partners and sponsors who present themselves on the digital exhibition areas.


Register for the digital cultural summit of the year!

In our FAQ we answer the most important questions about the new digital concept of the CultureInvest! Congress.