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Cultural Brands Award

European Cultural Manager of the Year 2019

Cultural managers plan, develop and manage cultural projects as well as cultural and leisure facilities. They are active in city marketing or in companies. In a public, private and non-profit context, they untiringly create conditions for cultural activities and bring culture to the public and the public to culture. The “European Cultural Manager of the Year” is bestowed on personalities who have rendered outstanding services through professional cultural management and exceptional means of cultural mediation. Please submit your suggestions!

Evaluation criteria of the jury

  • _Exemplary design drive and trend-setting inventiveness
  • _Good courage for new approaches in cultural mediation
  • _Management competencies such as communication skills, leadership and credibility
  • _Cooperative thinking and networking

Who can make proposals for this category?

The submission of proposals is free of charge and may only be performed by third parties. The proposal can be submitted by legal entities or by private persons. Cultural managers from all over Europe, regardless of local, regional or international background, may be nominated. This includes:

  • _Decision-makers and committed staff from cultural projects and institutions
  • _Cultural representatives and cultural communicators from commercial enterprises
  • _Culturally committed citizens from politics, administration and tourism organizations

Please register using the online entry form. Please send your application documents by August 31, 2019 to the competition office. Proposals for the category "European Cultural Manager of the Year" must be made through a third party. You should receive confirmation of your competition proposal shortly by mail.

Download the official announcement here.

Please submit the following materials for a proposal in the "European Cultural Manager of the Year" category:

  • _Free-form presentation with a maximum of ten PDF pages or PowerPoint slides, or you can send us a personal statement
      explaining why you would like to be considered for the award (please base these on the category's evaluation criteria)
  • _At least two high resolution pictures of the person
  • _Printable logo of the workplace (optional)
  • _brief summary of your application (500 characters)
  • _Printed materials to document the effect (fliers, posters, ...) (optional)
  • _Film materials (optional, if available)

The winners from previous years


Markus Rindt

Dresdner Sinfoniker



Folkert Uhde

Radialsystem V



Silke Fischer

Märchenland e.V.



Jürgen Bachmann




Klaus Stieringer

Stadtmarketing Bamberg



Udo Kittelmann

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin





André Schmitz

Schwarzkopf Stiftung





Hedy Graber

Migros Kulturprozent





Dr. Thomas Girst

BMW Group




2016 - Sonderpreis für
das bisherige Lebenswerk

Jürgen Flimm

Intendant der Staatsoper Berlin 



Frances Morris                               

Tate Modern London




2017 - Sonderpreis für
das bisherige Lebenswerk                        

Prof. Gereon Sievernich





Amelie Deuflhard                     




2018 - Sonderpreis für
das bisherige Lebenswerk
Dieter Kosslick

Direktor der Internationalen 
Filmfestspiele Berlin



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