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UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein © Jochen Tack

11th CultureInvest Congress

Opening party on November 6 at the Erich Brost-Pavillon with exclusive guided tours through the Ruhr Museum at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein

The participants in the 11th CultureInvest! Congress are invited on 6 November 2019 - the evening before the Congress - to converse and network in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the fantastic view from the premises of the towering Erich Brost Pavilion. Interested guests are invited to take part in a night tour of the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in an impressive nocturnal ambience or visit the Ruhr Museum.

The route of the coal at the colliery

During this guided tour, visitors gain an insight into the authentically preserved above-ground installations of Zollverein Shaft XII. The route leads from the shaft hall, where the coal used to arrive, through the screening plant to the coal washery, where the coal was processed and then loaded. The participants get to know the production processes of what was once the largest and most efficient coal mine in the world Sichern and learn exciting details about the working and living conditions of the Zollverein miners. The tour guide also provides interesting facts about the architecture, nature and transformation of the Zollverein from a mine to a modern cultural location.

Night shift at shaft XII - on the way with helmet and the traditional "Henkelmann" food container of the mineworkers

The Zollverein colliery from a different perspective: During this nocturnal discovery tour, the participants will gain an insight into previously unknown sides of the abandoned colliery. Equipped with helmet and "Henkelmann",  the tour guide takes you to the "third shift". When the hoisting cages and conveyor belts stopped at night, the colliery's working hours were far from over: the coal mines were still in full operation: Then maintenance and repair work had to be carried out. Under expert guidance, the participants of the tour learn how, for example, a belt roll was changed and a mine car cleaned so that coal mining could begin again the next morning.

After the guided tours, the participants can look forward to an unforgettable panoramic view from the roof of the Erich Brost Pavilion: High above the coal mining area at night, a glass of sparkling wine or soda water offers a view ranging from the impressively illuminated architecture of the industrial monument to the great landmarks and milestones of industrial culture in the Ruhr region.

On 7 November, the 11th CultureInvest! Congress can officially start!

Register online now for the 11th CultureInvest! Congress at the price of 540 EUR and benefit from the early bird discount until 31 March 2019!

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