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I. Urban culture

Cities are characterised by a variety of social worlds, cultural scenes and moral milieus. This diversity is the starting point for discovering the cities of tomorrow. What role do aesthetics and efficiency play in innovative cultural concepts for cities, and do we perhaps need to work on concepts together to ensure sustainability? Urban aesthetics include the perception and experience of architecture, infrastructure, subcultures, mobility, and the opportunities for encounters. While aesthetics represent urban joie de vivre and dynamism within successful concepts, efficiency is also required, both as an expertise in the economic and technical implementation of projects and in the responsible use of resources. It is only through the interplay of aesthetics and efficiency, and of sensuality and sustainability, that truly innovative ideas can be developed for the cities of the future. What are the possible strategies for urban environmental awareness? How can cities nurture a culture of encounters and participation? Which creative possibilities arise as a result of digitisation?

Participants at the leading forum for cultural providers and cultural sponsors can expect exciting keynote speeches from cultural experts, lively discussion rounds, and some practical examples of success in the following concurrently-conducted forums: Transformation, Capital city of Culture, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Education, Industrial Culture, Cultural Sponsoring, Cultural Brands, Urban Culture and Digitalisation, and in the emotional closing forum, Conducting & Leading. The central theme in all the forums at the 10th CultureInvest! Congress is positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency.

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