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10th CultureInvest Congress

D. Cultural Toursim

In the 21st century, promoting cultural heritage and regional identity means using more than just conventional forms of advertising: towns, cities and regions now rely increasingly on an aesthetic approach and aesthetic communication. Cultural tourism regions thus draw attention to their cultural wealth while simultaneously benefiting from an identity-building effect both internally and externally. Cultural tourism experiences convey new, individual and meaningful encounters that appeal to the traveller in all respects. New, efficient, digital technologies allow the communication strategies of cultural tourism regions to be more economical, and to reach and inspire visitors in a more targeted manner. Cultural tourism regions are cultural units that have grown organically and today's regions are the authentic carriers of that heritage. But how can authenticity and sustainability in cultural tourism gain importance through the use of individual aesthetics, and how should these topics be addressed?

Participants at the leading forum for cultural providers and cultural sponsors can expect exciting keynote speeches from cultural experts, lively discussion rounds, and some practical examples of success in the following concurrently-conducted forums: Transformation, Capital city of Culture, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Education, Industrial Culture, Cultural Sponsoring, Cultural Brands, Urban Culture and Digitalisation, and in the emotional closing forum, Conducting & Leading. The central theme in all the forums at the 10th CultureInvest! Congress is positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency.

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