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10th CultureInvest Congress

Concluding Forum "Dirigieren und Führen"

("Conducting and Leading")

In no other team in the world do so many people work together as precisely as in an orchestra – not only in terms of timing, but also as regards the finest nuances of dynamics, articulation and expression.
Which interactive and communicative processes are at work in an orchestra? How does the conductor manage to form a single entity out of up to ninety individuals?
The internationally renowned conductor and long-time Berliner Philharmonic conductor Professor Gernot Schulz uses his baton to offer some answers to that question that are both audible and tangible. Working with a symphony orchestra, he demonstrates how much unused potential lies dormant in a team when its interaction has not yet been optimised. Gernot Schulz uses the experience he gained as a musician in a world-class orchestra mentored by Karajan and Bernstein, and as a conductor and music teacher, to convey this message impressively in lectures, seminars and workshops. Participants will discover why conducting is communication in its purest form and how conscious perception and well-timed input creates a feeling of trust... The most extraordinary aspect of Dirigieren & Führen is that all the content is experienced and perceived sensually, which makes it particularly effective.