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10th CultureInvest Congress

C. Transformation

The key social challenges of the 21st century are global economic, social and digital development, which all have consequences within the cultural landscape. The digitisation of artistic and cultural offerings makes them more efficient and allows broad target groups to access art and culture. Social transformation is also accompanied by aesthetic change, and new artistic formats are emerging. The old frontiers between genres and institutions have now been intersected by immersive practices: the reconsideration of classical structures and the exploration of new narratives and everyday practices should make social developments easier to understand and co-shape. Who will assume responsibility for shaping this transformation process and with what goals? Are there new opportunities, or are we overextending culture providers and their audiences? What consequences do sponsors draw?

Participants at the leading forum for cultural providers and cultural sponsors can expect exciting keynote speeches from cultural experts, lively discussion rounds, and some practical examples of success in the following concurrently-conducted forums: Transformation, Capital city of Culture, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Education, Industrial Culture, Cultural Sponsoring, Cultural Brands, Urban Culture and Digitalisation, and in the emotional closing forum, Conducting & Leading. The central theme in all the forums at the 10th CultureInvest! Congress is positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency.

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