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B. Cultural Sponsoring

Culture sponsoring is an integral part of corporate brand management and an important pillar of cultural financing. The aim is to create sustainable and reliable partnerships that can be experienced aesthetically by the public, in order to create vivid associations in the minds of visitors. The high aesthetic intersection potential of the identities of both partners promotes a coherent and holistic perception of the partnership among visitors while creating unforgettable, sensual community experiences. Activating partnerships within an aesthetic, creative cooperation between companies and cultural providers allows common goals, such as the realisation of new projects and mutual access to new target groups, to be achieved more efficiently.

Participants at the leading forum for cultural providers and cultural sponsors can expect exciting keynote speeches from cultural experts, lively discussion rounds, and some practical examples of success in the following concurrently-conducted forums: Transformation, Capital city of Culture, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Education, Industrial Culture, Cultural Sponsoring, Cultural Brands, Urban Culture and Digitalisation, and in the emotional closing forum, Conducting & Leading. The central theme in all the forums at the 10th CultureInvest! Congress is positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency.

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