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"Crazy Robots", GISAlab Workshop at AVL. Photo (c) GISAlab

"Crazy Robots", GISAlab Workshop at AVL. Photo (c) GISAlab

Best Practice

AVL Cultural Foundation: Human beings at the centre Concerning the necessity of art

“Art and culture are important elements of society and human life. These human endeavours provide a holistic view of the world, which is becoming more and more important due to an ever- increasing complexity of life. To create meaning is to promote interaction between art and technology.”
Kathryn List, Chairman of the Board of AVL Cultural Foundation Photo © C. Jungwirth

Thus art is indespensible

for technology – and technology for art The mindset of AVL List GmbH, an international high-tech company and developer of propulsion and test systems in the automotive sector with company headquarters in Graz, is characterised by a long tradition of promoting the arts. As a logical extension of this core concept, the AVL Cultural Foundation has established itself since 2007 as a promoter and partner for choice innovative art and culture projects at the intersection between art, science and technology; the foundation does not shy away from taking innovative paths. The progression along this line is based on the need to make room for creative ideas and promote an open dialogue between art and technology. This is about interdisciplinarity, about linking previously separate fields and thereby providing more freedom of choice.

The focal point of the program “Art in Science – Science in Art” provides an interaction with topics that are at the intersection point between art, science and technology. Project processes from various artists, scientists and communal cooperations throughout various developmental phases and results are shown on the digital arts & science platform in order to facilitate a dynamic dia- log between art and science. Moreover, cooperative relationships connect the AVL Cultural Foundation to choice inspired partners, festivals, international art organisations and aspiring as well as established artists.

ENGAGE: Art and culture up close and personal

According to the fundamental concept that the artistic advancement process is also part of the innovation processes of science and technology, AVL Cultural Foundation supports creative processes even within the high-tech company AVL. It creates space and opportunity for employees and the public to participate in an art-based exchange: The exhibition series “AVL Artists” presents contemporary paintings from in-house artists. In the AVL kindergarten, the cooperation partner “Klassik4Kids” inspires the youngest members of the AVL family by promoting an appreciation for classical music. Time and again, targeted art interventions and art impulses on the company premises attempt to realise new concepts; these events urge people to expand their point of view as creativity energies are set free even outside of one’s own work areas.

The Art of Technology

The Helmut List Hall, successfully built based on the acoustic expertise of of AVL List GmbH, is not only, is not only a flexible and brilliant concert hall, event location for congresses and balls as well as a CD recording studio, but also a playground for projects that transcend the boundaries between art and science. The project “MapLab”, supported by the AVL Cultural Foundation, is a think tank and laboratory for visual art and 3D mapping. An international team of artists and technicians is working on new possibilities for stage design in connection with various visual arts forms (e.g. light design, mapping, analog). Exploring technological possibilities for art was also a component of the spectacular performance by the band “ivotion” together with VJ Ma.- K.os from Munich, which was successfully held at the Helmut List Hall at the invitation of the AVL Cultural Foundation. This unique and futuristic link between technology, independently developed complex high-tech instruments, such as the multi-touch screen instrument “Nyx”, and high-quality music and vocals fascinated the audience and provided a glimpse into the inexhaustible variety of sound improvisation.


Annual 2015

  • Musik 3.0: ivotion at the Helmut List Halle (c) K. Huber