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Winners, laudatories and jugdes of the Cultural Brand Award 2017 © Danny Kurz

Night of Cultural Brands

The "Night of Cultural Brands" on November 12, 2018

The 13th European Cultural Brands Gala "Night of Cultural Brands" will be taking place at the Radialsystem in Berlin.

The 13th European Cultural Brands Awards are going to be bestowed upon the winners at the Radialsystem in Berlin during the "Night of Cultural Brands" in front of 500 guests representing businesses, cultural institutions, municipalities as well as tourism marketing, the media and politics. This year, the Cultural Brands Awards ceremony, an important industry convention for culture managers, marketers and tourism industry staff in Europe and an emotional highlight of the CultureInvest Congress, will be held on November 12, and is going to be the highlight of the 10th CultureInvest Congress.

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