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Shareholders and Founders, Hans-Conrad Walter and Eva Nieuweboer

Shareholders and Founders, Hans-Conrad Walter and Eva Nieuweboer

Cultural Brands Award

Greeting of the founders, Eva Nieuweboer and Hans-Conrad Walter

Excellent strategies and great emotions

Art and culture form a foundation for the functioning of a vibrant and liberal-minded society. Culture management and marketing unlock fundamental areas for action—be it in the planning and execution of cultural events or in the area of leadership activities in communities, meaningful cultural facilities or private cultural initiatives.

It has now been 11 years during which we have promoted the annually conferred Cultural Brand® Awards for the development of cultural marketing and management. With over 950 submitted applications and an expert jury that now numbers 35, the award has developed into the most important competition in the cultural business world. With its seven categories of competition, it is oriented toward culture providers, investors and tourism regions from all of Europe.

During the Night of Cultural Brands on 9 November 2017, the European Cultural Brand Awards will be given out. The prize carving of Aurica® awarded in all categories represents the excellence, attractiveness and diversity of the European cultural market and epitomizes the valuable mediation efforts of European culture providers and the outstanding engagement of European culture investors. We warmly invite you to participate actively in this year’s Cultural Brand® Awards, celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, and we thank all of our partners and jury members!

Your Eva Nieuweboer and Hans-Conrad Walter

Founders of the Cultural Brand® Awards and shareholders of the Causales Society for Culture Marketing and Sponsoring

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