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Sieger des Bundescup Finales (2013)

Sieger des Bundescup Finales (2013)

Best Practice

GAZPROM Germania Energy unites people

“The Bundescup Russian language competition is about cultural exchange between Germany and Russia. Two young people learning each other’s language together brings both closer, promotes mutual understanding, and nurtures cultural coexistence. And by holding the final at Europa-Park, we want to give schoolchildren an incentive to participate and give it their all.”
Vyacheslav Krupenkov, Senior Managing Director, GAZPROM Germania GmbH

With Russian roots, a European orientation, and Berlin headquarters, GAZPROM Germania builds bridges between Germany and Russia. We work to promote a new perception of Russia here in Germany, and a stronger Russian interest in Germany and Europe – alltruetoourmotto,“energyunitespeople”.

GAZPROM, our parent company, is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural gas, producing 488 Gm3 of natural gas in 2013 – enough to supply 222 million households. It exported 162 Gm3 of that to Europe. With a value chain encompassing exploration, production, transport, storage, and direct delivery, GAZPROM has supplied natural gas to Europe for over 40 years – reliably and sustainably.

Strengthening German-Russian exchange

Our energy partnership is based on reliability, responsibility, and trust – values we feel obligated to not just as a partner in business, but as ambassadors of German-Russian friendship. Our social sponsorship, sports sponsorship, and cultural sponsorship brings people from Germany and Russia together. Giving Russian artists the chance to perform in Germany is just as much a part of our corporate philosophy as ensuring a sustainable supply of natural gas. We have long sponsored the German-Russian Festival and Russian Film Week events in Berlin and have helped make possible performances by world-renowned ensembles including Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet and St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre.

Focusing on the younger generation

The promotion of young people is a key goal of our sponsorship activities. We support young singers from around the world at the Rheinsberg Castle Chamber Opera and youth orchestras such as the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, which gave its debut performance in Berlin in early 2014. And together with our partners at Russian Film Week, we have also worked to enable collaboration between film students from Potsdam, Ger- many and Moscow, Russia. By bringing young cosmopolitans from Germany and Russia together, we’re helping to build our common future.

Bundescup Russian language competition

GAZPROM Germania has been main sponsor of the Bundescup Spielend Russisch Lernen Russian language competition since 2007. The Bundescup competition, which runs from May to October, offers school children from throughout Germany a fun way to learn – or improve their command of – the language of Dostoevsky and Pushkin. The competition is organized by Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V. and is open to schoolchildren aged 13 years and over. Players participate in teams of two – one who already has knowledge of the Russian language, and one who doesn’t. This approach gives young people who have no prior knowledge of Russian a first look at Russia’s language and culture. More than 20,000 schoolchildren have taken part in the Bundescup since 2007, in just over 1,000 school-based heats. By offering our long-term commitment to this project, we aim to help introduce young people to the Russian language and awaken their interest in Russia, its culture, and its people – after all, language is the key to mutual understanding.

As a special impetus for the winners of the regional finals, GAZPROM Germania hosts the grand finale at Europa-Park in Rust, near Freiburg, Germany’s largest amusement park. At the grand finale, 16 teams from 10 German states compete not only on their Russian knowledge and vocabulary, but on a rally through Europe that features the blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM, white water rafting in the Norwegian fjords, and the vastness of space with a visit to Russia’s Mir space station. To end the event, all finalists meet at GAZPROM’s Experience Energy attraction, where they learn more about the long journey that Russian natural gas takes on its way to Europe.

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